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A new boiler installation can be expensive and daunting, you can rely on us to get to you quickly so we can install you a new boiler and get your central heating working again. Nu Heat specialise in boiler replacements and new installs.

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Gas Boilers Benefits

Warmer, More Comfortable Home
Modern Controls
Easy Installation
Saves Money with Efficiency
Space Saving
Low Maintenance
A warmer, more comfortable home:
Over time, older gas boilers become less efficient and can struggle to heat your property. A new, modern gas boiler can create a warmer and more comfortable for your home.
Energy efficient:
Moving to an A-rated boiler could save up to £350 and 1,500kg of carbon dioxide per year. * Depending on fluctuating costs.
Control of temperature:
New gas boilers, often combined with heating controls, allow the user to set the desired temperature. You can be far more precise with how much heat is required for each area of the house, saving money and increasing comfort.
Smaller size:
Modern gas boilers tend to be smaller than the older models and often provide more options for placement. They can even be hidden behind a kitchen cupboard. This can free up useful space for some householders.
Reduce your energy bills:
Boilers become less efficient the older they get, resulting in higher home heating bills. Replacing an old gas boiler with a new, more efficient model will reduce the cost of your heating.
Peace of mind:
Switching to a new gas boiler not only saves on heating bills, it also provides peace of mind. A new boiler will work better for longer and gives you security against breakdowns, backed by manufacturer’s warranty.
Make your property more attractive:
A new A-rated gas boiler will make your home more attractive and improve its efficiency rating.
Quieter boiler operation:
Due to improved design and better use of materials, new gas boilers can be significantly quieter than older boilers.

Some features and advantages of gas boiler systems.

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