Hot air rises. The hotter the air, the quicker it rises. Radiators heat small amounts of air to a high temperature, which rises quickly and displaces the colder air above. This air then falls to the floor setting up a circulation of colder air around your room.

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Advantages of Underfloor Heating

Low Maintenance Costs
Because polypropylene is a naturally tough material, it requires very little maintenance. This happens to be the case for both water and electric based underfloor heating. PE fitting experts need to be aware of one important detail: water-fed heating must be installed so that it is certified to BS EN 1264.
Low Running Costs
Contrary to popular opinion, running a whole-house underfloor heating system is cheaper than conventional radiators and central heating systems. This is due to the cost of rising gas fuel prices, making refuelling a costly adventure.
Meanwhile, the running costs of underfloor heating systems depend on arrange of factors, including the effectiveness of room insulation, and the total running time
Better Hygiene
Underfloor heating systems are much safer and more hygienic than radiators. This is due to the high levels of moisture and humidity at floor level, creating the ideal breeding ground for creepy crawlies and dust mites. Switching to an underfloor heating system drastically improves hygiene all around, almost completely eliminating dust mites.
Energy Efficiency
It has been shown that underfloor heating is far more efficient than conventional radiators. Due to their high efficiency, the energy bills are vastly reduced. Most homeowners should have an efficiency test performed to assess the overall effectiveness of insulation in their home to ensure optimal heating performance.
More Comfortable
Homes with underfloor heating systems are noticeably more comfortable. This is due to the warm feeling one gets when their bare feet are in direct contact with the floor. Another reason is attributed to a consistent temperature profile around the room.
Controllable Temperatures
If the entire house has underfloor heating systems installed, residents won’t have to put up with the same temperature. With the use of a dedicated thermostat, they can change their room’s temperature based on their own preferences. Most radiators that are fitted with thermostatic valves for the same purpose are often unreliable with poor temperature control.
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